Atmos Portable Tightness Monitor (APTM)

Field portable hydrant leak detection

Offering the industry’s fastest testing times

  • Test cycle takes 15 minutes
  • Requires no investment in civil works, communications, electrical or SCADA
  • Uses the same pressure step technique to detect leaks as the industry-standard, fixed installation
  • Pressure-step method negates the effects of temperature change, increasing reliability
  • Convenience - the operator can perform a tightness test at any time
  • Contributes towards regulatory compliance

The APTM offers the industry’s fastest testing times with the unrivalled support of Atmos Aviation Care.

Find out more about the aviation customers we are supporting across the world including Keflavik airport and the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta.

Technical specification

  • Compliant with the 0.04l/h/m3 minimum detectable leak size standards set in EI 1560, EI 1540, JIG 2, JIG 4 & US EPA requirements
  • Field-proven pressure-step method
  • Fully portable in two watertight, crushproof PELI™ cases
  • Powered by the DC supply from a support vehicle
  • Depressurization manifold rated for use in “Zone 1” explosive atmospheres
  • Additional ability to test integrity of hydrant pit valve
  • EU/ROW and US compliant versions available
  • 4G communications built in so all data is transferred to the Atmos Cloud, where Atmos Aviation Care is in place