South Africa’s New Multi-Product Pipeline (NMPP) is a pipeline designed to transport liquid petroleum fuel for Transnet SOC Ltd; a large South African rail, port, and pipeline State Owned Company.

Atmos’ customer for the NMPP project is Siemens in South Africa. They hold the Main Automation Contract (MAC) with Transnet Capital Projects (TCP) and the end user is Transnet Pipelines (TPL), an operation division of Transnet.

Siemens installed a new Process Control System (PCS) together with a Pipeline Monitoring System (PLMS), supplied by Atmos, on the new multi-product pipeline running from Durban to Jameson Park. This pipeline has a 24” diameter and is approximately 556km long.

The Atmos applications supplied as part of the Pipeline Monitoring System (PLMS) are:

Phase One:

  • Atmos Pipe – Statistical volume balance real-time pipeline leak detection and location
  • Pressure dynamic tracking system (PDTS) using Atmos SIM Online – Real-time modelling for pipeline networks

These two applications are currently running on site with the pipeline filled with diesel only.

Phase Two:

  • Atmos Batch – Tracking batches as they travel through the pipeline
  • Atmos Pig – Tracking pigs as they travel through the pipeline
  • Atmos Optimizer – Optimization of liquid pipeline operations

These three applications have been engineered and Factory Acceptance Tests have been witnessed by the customer and end user, Siemens and Transnet respectively. However site installation and commissioning is currently on hold awaiting the introduction of multi-products into the pipeline later in 2015.

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