This week’s employee spotlight is on Peter Han! Peter is a Business Development Manager based at our Houston office in Texas, US. Peter’s career within Atmos started at our Anaheim office as a project engineer, before moving to the sales department in 2015. Peter jumped at the chance to further his career within Atmos and was ready to relocate to somewhere new.

Photo of Atmos' business development manager, Peter Han who is based in Houston

Peter has traveled to fourteen states within the US as well as Canada, South Korea, Chile, Peru, United Kingdom, China, Australia, New Zealand, and Costa Rica all within his time at Atmos.

Name: Peter Han
Role: Business Development Manager
Department: Sales
Time at Atmos: 5 years


I graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I spent some time in the biomedical engineering industry working with cochlear implants, and then came to Atmos as a project engineer.

Day in the life

My tasks vary each day, which is one of the things I love most about working at Atmos. One day could be spent meeting with clients in the office wearing a suit and tie, and the next day could be spent out in the field by the pipelines with my PPE gear on.  I live in Houston, which is the central region for the oil and gas industry, both on a national and global level. There are numerous pipeline operators in Houston, and this allows for me to easily meet with clients, whether it be for a presentation or just to grab a cup of coffee. Some of my other tasks include writing proposals, working with the engineering team on new/existing accounts, researching new leads and business opportunities, and attending conferences and events

Favorite thing about Atmos

I enjoy the company atmosphere and the relationships. Although Atmos is quite large and a global company, it feels like a family. I also enjoy the opportunities to travel, especially when some of these sites are remote. I would have never expected to go to some of these places if it wasn’t for working with Atmos.

By: Atmos International
Date: 11 October 2019