The gas industry is expanding, fuelling industry, power plants, domestic homes, vehicles, and electrical power stations across the world. With this expansion comes the rapid building of infrastructure to accommodate the increase in gas being transported through gas transmission pipelines and networks, that can extend for thousands of kilometres across inaccessible terrain or subsea.

In the day-to-day running of transmission pipelines, operators need to be able to fulfil commitments to their customers. This includes ensuring security of supply, managing gas quality and invoicing accurately.

  • Leak detection

    Gas pipeline operators need to be able to monitor the entire network with accurate information. Rapid detection of any gas pipeline leaks is critical to prevent any potential disasters.

    Atmos Pipe

    Employs Atmos’ unique statistical volume balance method to provide an extremely reliable pipeline leak detection system that can detect both onset and existing leaks.

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    Atmos Wave

    Proven technology in negative pressure wave leak (NPW) and theft detection.

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    Atmos Wave Flow

    Combining proven leak and theft detection methods for increased confidence under all conditions.

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    Atmos Rupture Detector

    Alarms with a high level of reliability, providing the confidence to quickly shut-down a pipeline in the event of a rupture.

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  • Simulation

    Many gas pipelines and networks have unmetered areas making it difficult to accurately track the pipeline's behaviour. Atmos Simulation Suite provides access to unmetered areas helping many gas pipeline operators save money and make better decisions.

    Atmos Simulation (SIM) Suite

    The safe and efficient operation of a pipeline or network requires powerful decision support tools.

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    Atmos Simulation (SIM) Offline

    The perfect tool for designers and flow assurance engineers, due to its wide range of functionality. It can reduce engineers workloads when designing pipelines, analysing new contracts, or determining reinforcement requirements to meet future demands.

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    Atmos Trainer

    Supporting API industry guidance by training pipeline operators in a safe and realistic environment that's configurable with any SCADA and HMI.

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  • Operations management

    In a growing industry, gas operators need to understand where their products are at all times. Atmos Gas Management System (GMS), a web-based management tool, helps pipeline operators track transportation contracts across their network contract nomination, stock account, stock management, gas balance management/reconciliation and reporting.

    Atmos Trend

    A powerful trending and distance-based profiling tool for real-time, historical and forecast data.

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    Atmos Data Manager

    Connects to all pipeline and process control systems to ensure the smooth running of any online or offline applications.

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  • Maintenance

    We understand that not all pipelines are the same and once a project is complete, changes can occur in the pipeline. Our team of skilled engineers are experienced in supporting with leak and theft monitoring, troubleshooting, tuning, software upgrades and ‘health checks' of field instruments, SCADA systems and telecommunication systems.

    Atmos Maintenance

    Atmos provides on-going expertise to ensure pipelines and monitoring remain efficient and accurate at all times.

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  • Is your pipeline multi-phase?

    Due to the combined mixtures, multi-phase pipelines are more likely to have a reaction and cause corrosion which can lead to pipeline ruptures and leaks. Detecting these leaks quickly and locating them accurately is essential to protect the environment and minimize product losses.

    Is your pipeline multiphase?

    Atmos has software installations on a number of multiphase pipelines transporting fluid combinations.

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