Chemicals range from industrial chemicals to petrochemicals such as oil, natural gas, and pesticides. Transporting flammable, hazardous, reactive and potentially lethal chemicals is not only difficult but has the most significant impact should there be a spill.

The nature of hazardous materials means that safety is at the forefront of the logistics, particularly in places of high consequence. While pipelines are the safest form of transportation it still comes with the responsibility to ensure the safety of people and the protection of the environment.

Potentially large pipeline spills can be avoided with an effective leak detection system. A reliable leak detection solution is invaluable to the chemical industry to help prevent damage to people, property and the environment and reputational damage.

  • Leak detection

    While pipelines are the safest form of transportation for chemicals there is still a responsibility to prevent damage to people, property and the environment as well as protecting your reputation. A reliable leak detection solution is invaluable to help mitigate these risks.

    Atmos Pipe

    Employs Atmos’ unique statistical volume balance method to provide an extremely reliable pipeline leak detection system that can detect both onset and existing leaks.

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    Atmos Wave

    Proven technology in negative pressure wave leak (NPW) and theft detection.

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    Atmos Wave Flow

    Combining proven leak and theft detection methods for increased confidence under all conditions.

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  • Simulation

    Atmos Simulation Suite of services can be used effectively on chemical pipelines. Given the hazardous nature of the pipelines our services include operational scenario analysis planning, emergency or upset analysis to help prepare for an emergency situation where actions are critical for safety.

    Atmos Simulation (SIM) Suite

    The safe and efficient operation of a pipeline or network requires powerful decision support tools.

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    Atmos Simulation (SIM) Offline

    The perfect tool for designers and flow assurance engineers, due to its wide range of functionality. It can reduce engineers workloads when designing pipelines, analysing new contracts, or determining reinforcement requirements to meet future demands.

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    Atmos Surge Analysis

    An additional module to Atmos SIM Offline, Surge Analysis automates some of the analysis procedures and produces a detailed surge analysis report.

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    Atmos Trainer

    Supporting API industry guidance by training pipeline operators in a safe and realistic environment that's configurable with any SCADA and HMI.

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  • Operations management

    Safety of product is a high priority for the chemical industry and pipeline operators need the reassurance that their lead detection system is working at all times. The Atmos System Management Tool (SMT) system monitors the status of Atmos’ software to ensure they are functioning correctly while running in the background providing peace of mind without the need for human intervention.

    Atmos System Management Tool (SMT)

    A monitoring system that gives peace of mind that your Atmos applications are working as they should, without the need for human intervention.

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  • Maintenance

    We understand that not all pipelines are the same and once a project is complete, changes can occur in the pipeline. Our team of skilled engineers are experienced in supporting with leak and theft monitoring, troubleshooting, tuning, software upgrades and ‘health checks' of field instruments, SCADA systems and telecommunication systems.

    Atmos Maintenance

    Atmos provides on-going expertise to ensure pipelines and monitoring remain efficient and accurate at all times.

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