What is AIO?

Atmos Intelligent Optimizer (AIO) is a gas pipeline optimizer using machine learning. AIO can help you save millions of dollars per year by optimizing gas pipeline operations while meeting all contract requirements.

AIO informs operators in a control room the best course of action in case of both planned and unplanned events in gas transmission and distribution networks.

AIO applies machine learning (ML) to the accurate hydraulic simulation data from Atmos SIM based on real-time data to achieve the following goals:

  • Automatic generation of an optimal and actionable operational plan each day
  • Auto-updates each hour or upon the upload of new nominations or schedules

The objective of the optimal operational plan is to minimize the energy consumption or maximize the gas sales or profit while meeting all customers’ demands and keeping pressure, flow-rate and temperature throughout the network within the safe operating limits. The operational plan provides the key setpoints operators need to run pipeline networks optimally, for example, set points for compressor stations, flow-rate at supply and delivery points and control valve settings.

Since every network has its own priorities and challenges, each operator can define their optimization goal and score criteria. It can also be applied to liquid pipelines.

Why AIO?

The safe and efficient operation of gas pipelines is challenging as networks with hundreds and thousands of supply and delivery points change all the time. For complex networks, it is difficult for even the most experienced pipeline operator to know what the best course of action is when an unexpected event occurs. This is even more challenging when multiple events happen simultaneously.  

When hydrogen is introduced to natural gas pipelines, the complexity will increase as hydrogen behaves differently from natural gas and it has a lower energy density. A gas optimizer like AIO can help operators take the most efficient and low cost actions increasing the value of the pipelines.

An innovative and unique solution

AIO can be applied to all gas pipelines and networks including hydrogen and biomethane. The main benefits include:

  • Cost reduction while reliably meeting gas contract requirements to non-interruptible customers
  • Saving time by reducing workload
  • Expanded sales to customers on interruptible contracts without risking supply to customers on non-interruptible contracts
  • Improved safety by reducing the risk of operating pipelines outside of allowable limits
  • Helping with energy transition as it can be used with pure hydrogen, hydrogen  blends and biomethane
  • Gas emission reduction due to reduced energy consumption helping to deliver Net Zero
  • Faster, safer and more reliable decision making when unplanned events occur
  • Validated decision making lowers stress on pipeline operators and streamlines operations.

 *Estimated saving based on compressor running costs and pipelines being run with Atmos Intelligent Optimizer (AIO)