Proposed PHMSA rule

PHMSA plans to pass a law requiring automatic shutdown valves and remote controlled valves in the event of a rupture, for HCA (High Consequence Areas) and affected areas. They know that a fast and safe emergency shutdown will minimize the consequences of a pipeline leak or rupture.

An automated or expedited pipeline shutdown must be carefully controlled to avoid further damage to the pipeline and equipment. Pipeline owners are required to complete a surge analysis on all DOT-regulated pipelines. Even without this requirement, it is good engineering practice to perform a surge analysis to determine the safest way to initiate an emergency pipeline shutdown.

Surge analysis is mandatory

The Atmos SIM offline pipeline simulation software includes a dedicated Surge Analysis module that simplifies and automates the process of submitting a detailed analysis and report to the relevant authorities, as required by law. The User can schedule a series of simulation scenarios such as valve closures and pump trips and the software analyzes the data from each scenario for pass and failure criteria. The system automatically generates a report, displaying the results graphically in trends, locating the pipeline’s maximum pressure points and identifying pump trip times.

Surge Analysis as a service

If a pipeline company does not have the resources in-house to perform these studies, Atmos simulation engineers are available to perform these studies and help verify a safe pipeline shutdown procedure.


By: Atmos International
Date: 11 October 2019