Since childhood, I liked to make parallels between my studies and real-life experiences. Learning about Newton's law of gravitation was not fun until I could visualize it with soccer or tennis balls.

In our industry, we must follow regulations and comply with many recommended practices and standards.

API 1175, for example, is a recommended practice (RP) of 84 pages that provides a broad stroke, high-level view to pipeline operators of liquid pipeline leak detection programs. The RP provides guidance to the operators for developing, maintaining, and sustaining an active, comprehensive leak detection program that reduces the risks associated with pipeline leaks.

API 1175 does not sound exciting for many people! Therefore, I like to think about it as a knight in armor during a battle. You should prepare a strategy against your different opponents (which LDS? Who's in charge?) and prepare for it (training, testing, maintenance). After the fight, you need to measure your performances (KPIs) and continuously improve your armor and weapons.

At Atmos, we have structured our organization to provide our clients great products and services worldwide and prepare them for the battle!

Download our API 1175 Summary here

Written by Damiel Ravel, the VP of Engineering managing the project team in North America. 

By: Atmos International
Date: 11 October 2019