Atmos Pipe has already detected more pipeline leaks and ruptures than any other system in the world. New Version is an exponential leap forward!

SCADA Wave – a complimentary detection module that significantly decreases detection time and detects even smaller leaks.

Fast scanning – adding our high-speed data acquisition units improves leak location to as accurate as ±100 meters with correct conditions.

Rupture detection - a highly reliable rupture alarm to prompt immediate shutdown minimizing the consequence of a rupture.

Key features

  • High reliability, minimum false leak alarms
  • Field proven for over 20 years on more than 700 pipelines
  • Detects onset, and existing leaks
  • Leak location accuracy as low as ±100m (with fast scanning option)
  • Leak detection size as low as 0.25% of flow with high-quality instrumentation
  • Deployed in pipelines from 0.4 to 1,900km long, and 0.5” to 48” in diameter
  • Software solution that uses flow and pressure data from SCADA or PLC systems
  • First choice of most major pipeline operators worldwide
  • Detects leaks under all operating conditions with negligible reduction in minimum detectable leak size during transients
  • Draining and filling module, to reduce the likelihood of false alarms during pipeline filling
  • Stat Tool automatically documents performance of the LDS and supporting components in line with API 1175
  • Fully compliant with; API 1130, API 1175, API 1155, API 1149, German Regulations for Pipeline Leak Detection (TRFL), Shell Pipeline Leak Detection Recommendations (DEP

By: Atmos International
Date: 11 October 2019