We are pleased to announce that Transportadora Brasileira Gasoducto Bolivia-Brasil S.A. (TBG) has awarded Atmos the project to replace the online pipeline simulation software on the Bolivia-Brazil gas pipeline. TBG is a pioneer in large volume natural gas transmission in Brazil. The 2,593 km long Bolivia-Brazil gas pipeline runs from Corumbá, in Mato Grosso do Sul, to Canoas, in the Rio Grande do Sul.

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The pipeline ensures the gas supply to distribution companies, thermoelectric power plants, and refineries crossing 136 municipalities in five Brazilian states.

Atmos SIM software is the most modern and versatile simulation software in the world. It will provide the TBG pipeline operators with accurate and current information on the pipeline operating conditions, to help the safe and cost-effective operation of this important pipeline. Atmos will supply TBG with Atmos SIM Offline and Atmos SIM Online, which uses real-time pipeline modeling to help the operators understand exactly what is happening at any point along the pipeline. The software supports operation planning with look-ahead analysis and forecasting tools.

The new software assures accurate gas composition tracking and pig tracking to accurately track cleaning tools along the line. The software also provides the survival time calculations to help TGB assure that demand will be fulfilled.

The combination of the Atmos SIM simulation tools and the highly trained experts at TBG assure the safe and optimized operation of this vital pipeline far into the future.