Kinéis select Atmos as a use case for improving sustainability in water management

A mockup of the front cover of Kinéis' whitepaperTitled “New era of hydrology using innovative solutions and Kinéis connectivity”, Kinéis’ latest whitepaper compiles a group of experts’ visions of the current and future water market.

The whitepaper covers solutions to challenges affecting upstream water resource management, such as rising greenhouse gas emissions, geological disasters, deteriorating water quality and more.

In the section on sustainability issues caused by inadequate water management and pipeline systems, Atmos’ water leak detection solutions have been selected as a use case.

The following features of Atmos’ turnkey water leakage reduction technologies are discussed:

  • Non-intrusive hardware for rapid deployment
  • Power from wind and solar energy for zero downtime
  • Data transmission via cellular or radio communications for remote operations
  • An Internet of Things (IoT) solution currently under development

Atmos’ use case features on pages 28-29 of Kinéis’ whitepaper. You can read the whitepaper in full here or click the image to read.