Preparations for the construction of the 4,85 km EUGAL European gas pipeline link are making progress. The first pipes have been delivered to several pipe storage points ready for when construction of EUGAL begins in 2018. The storage points are located along the planned route, which will require a total of 47,000 pipes to be completed. The pipes will be transported by train to eastern Germany and then distributed by truck from railway stations in Lubmin, Drögeheide, and Prenzlau to nearby storage points.

The Transport-System-Operator GASCADE is mounting a huge logistics effort to ensure that all the pipes are on site in good time before construction gets underway.

“In the case of such a large project like the construction of EUGAL it is vital that all the steps are perfectly coordinated,” Ludger Hümbs, Chief Project Manager, EUGAL

GASCADE will begin building the pipeline once the planning approval notice has been issued, which is expected in mid-2018.

Forecasts from the European network development plan 2017 see an import gap of up to 183 billion cubic meters annually by 2035. At the same time, a Europe-wide market survey shows that the long-term transport requirements between Germany and its neighbors are in some cases well above the available technical capacities. The EUGAL pipeline will contribute to a flexible energy supply for Germany and Europe, and enable the transport of natural gas in all directions across the continent.