Posted: 17 Jul 2013

Atmos International is very pleased to announce that last week we updated the Gassco production (live) environment with the final software release. The release of this Atmos SIM software contains the complete functionalities requested by the customer, including tuned online models, look ahead forecasting, composition tracking, integration with ABB WS500 SCADA and Tieto Gas Management System (Origo), a distance and time based graphical module, data validation and leak detection.

Atmos SIM includes the same engine for offline and online models. Gassco’s large historian database allows operational data to be utilized for offline tuning of pressure loss and heat transfer to achieve correct capacity and composition arrival times. This provides the best starting point for the sophisticated Maximum Likelihood State Estimator (MLSE) tuning system used by the online model for accurate and reliable operation.

Atmos SIM is the ideal pipeline solution for an intricate sub-sea network where large areas of pipeline networks are unmetered. The software gives pipeline operators the ability to determine pipeline conditions at unmetered locations and predictions of future pipeline conditions for planned scenarios. These abilities enable operators to better utilize pipeline capacity and improve the efficiency and safety of operating the largest subsea pipeline network in the world.

The update of the Production Environment went smoothly with minimal issues thanks to the combined effort of the Gassco team and Atmos engineers. The project will now move into the maintenance period where it will be monitored by expert engineers with an intricate knowledge of the system.