Pipeline batch tracking for multi-product

Atmos Batch helps pipeline operators to overcome several challenges associated with having a multi-product pipeline including:

  • Tracking products with different properties in one pipeline
  • Ensuring each product is delivered to different locations while minimizing contamination
  • Managing varying product ownerships
  • Avoiding product contamination, marking and tracking them it if it occurs while managing interfaces between batches
  • Understanding where each product is in the pipeline
  • Understanding and anticipating how a dense or light fluid responds hydraulically to the pipeline based on its dimensions, topography and operational changes along its route
  • And being able to accurately know and calculate where batches start and end, the volume of each batch and the time they are due to arrive at their destinations

Watch our new video to find out more about how Atmos Batch helps multi-product pipelines operate safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

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