The Alberta Energy Regulator in Calgary, Canada is making it easier for the public to see which energy companies are falling behind in pipeline safety. A new reporting website has been launched that shows pipeline safety ratings from the area over the last two years.

"Some companies will see how they show up compared with other companies. They will probably improve because they probably just don't know where they're sitting compared to other companies," "But the intention of the report is really to be transparent about the type of information that we look at and provide this information to the public." David Helmer, Director of Pipelines in Industry, Alberta Energy Regulator.

Part of the reasoning behind making this data public was to continue to push the need for greater performance and responsibility. Veronique Giry, VP of Industry Operators at Alberta Energy Regulator, stated "…there is more that we can do because all pipeline incidents are preventable," "And one of the ways that we can help drive industry performance is by holding them more accountable to the public by reporting on their performance."

The regulator has set a goal of reducing high consequence pipeline incidents by 2% in the fiscal year ending in March. They have stated that they’re on track to reach that target.