Posted: 03 Jan, 2017

The proposed Pilgrim Pipeline would carry fracked Bakken shale oil from Albany, New York to the Bayway Refinery in Linden, New Jersey along a 178-mile dual pipeline. Although the route is not yet finalized, it crossed 5 counties and 30 municipalities in the state of New Jersey, and 5 counties and 25 municipalities in the state of New York. This includes the Highlands region, which contains the direct source of water for 4.5 million people across both states.

Part of the proposed route would run through the Ramapo Valley Reservation, where the local Lunaape people worry that a potential pipeline leak could pollute drinking water and sacred sites.

"The Pilgrim Pipeline is another of the many needless pipelines running through the Lunaape homeland which is endangering the water of millions, while it appears to be criminally circumventing federal law,"
Ramapough Lunaape Chief Dwaine Perry