Posted: 03 Nov, 2016

The Husky Energy pipeline spill in July 2016, that spilt 225,000 liters of heavy oil and diluent into the North Saskatchewan River, has reportedly cost Husky 90 million USD so far. The Calgary based company stated it believes the amount spent up to 30 September 2016 represents the cost of the incident, but it could be revised.

The cleanup effort has recovered approximately 93% of what was spilt (210,000 liters), but there is still an on-going investigating into the environmental impact, and the cause of the pipeline fault. Husky have asked for a 30 day extension to file their detailed report on the spill. They now have until 30 November 2016 to report on further details of the spill, including a metallurgic review of the failed pipe, and a geotechnical report on the land where the leak occurred.

An area of 41,500 square meters has been affected by the spill. Forcing the cities of North Battleford, Prince Albert, and Melfort to shut off their water intakes from the river, and to find other sources of fresh water for nearly eight weeks.