What is Atmos Data Manager?

Atmos Data Manager connects to all pipeline and process control systems to ensure the smooth running of any online or offline applications. It is a durable OPC interface among online, offline, SCADA, DCS field data and third party applications.

It gathers real-time and simulated data at intervals set by the user. It validates real-time field data and provides comprehensive data manipulations using a powerful script editor. The script editor increases the system robustness with reference to specific data faults and helps in the construction of special applications, such as simulation or training software.

Why use Atmos Data Manager?

Using Atmos Data Manager offers the following benefits:

  • Provides a stable interface to view multiple sources of information and data
  • Reduces time spent accessing multiple applications
  • Increases response time with quicker access to information
  • Ensures all data is validated and securely backed up

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