What is Atmos Rupture Detector?

Atmos Rupture Detector alarms with a high level of reliability, providing the confidence to quickly shut-down a pipeline in the event of a rupture.
It’s uses four separate algorithms to detect ruptures, for a highly reliable system. A rupture occurrence not covered by one algorithm will be detected by another of the four algorithms.

  • Low KL - Detects near pump stations where the product is easier to pump
  • Inventory - Detects on pipelines that can go slack - what comes out is less than what goes in
  • Dynamic model analysis (DMA) - DMA pattern recognition can detect ruptures on all areas of a pipeline
  • Pressure difference analysis (PDA) - PDA compares midpoint pressures to detect ruptures on all areas of a pipeline

Rupture detection working with leak detection

  • Atmos Rupture Detector can be installed as an upgrade to an existing Atmos Pipe installation or as a standalone option. These options provide greater security, assuring the immediate shutdown of the pipeline in the event of a rupture alarm.
  • Atmos Rupture Detector is included as an option in the latest releases of Atmos Pipe and Atmos Wave Flow leak detection systems.
  • Atmos Rupture Detector was tested with data from a variety of different pipeline types and with data from real ruptures that occurred in the past to assure the high level of confidence that a rupture will be detected.

Why use Atmos Rupture Detector?

While a leak detection system is designed to detect the smallest leak in the shortest amount of time Atmos Rupture Detector is designed to detect the unique signature that occurs with a high volume or high rate of product release.

Rupture detection should be highly reliable, allowing the operator to confidently shut down the pipeline immediately minimizing damage.

Using Atmos Rupture Detector offers the following benefits:

  • Designed to make the final decision on the occurrence of a pipeline rupture.
  • Provides pipeline operator confidence with highly reliable results
  • Reduces costs by preventing unnecessary pipeline shut downs and emergency response costs
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