What is Atmos SIM Offline?

Atmos SIM Offline works independently of any real pipeline control systems and is the ideal tool for single-phase flow assurance and design, equipment sizing and locating, operational tuning, capacity planning and training.

During tuning operations, the tuning assistant automates the tuning process by calculating specified parameters to achieve the correct hydraulic behaviour.

This ensures the model’s accuracy without the need for intensive tuning performed by the user. The configured model may also be used for online hydraulic simulations if required.

Why use Atmos SIM Offline?

Using Atmos SIM Offline offers the following benefits:

  • Multiple functionality in one tool
  • Intuitive design for easy configuration of pipeline networks
  • Multiple scenarios in the same configuration. No need for additional models, saving time for the user
  • Multiple users can modify a model as the system tracks changes and automatically compares them
  • Can easily be upgraded to an online model if required
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