What is Atmos SMT?

When a system works in the background it is often difficult to ensure that the system is operational 24/7 without having someone constantly checking if all is in good working order.

The Atmos SMT comprises of the SMT Client application and a series of services that monitor and control the core Atmos applications (including Atmos Pipe, Atmos SIM Online hydraulic model and Atmos Data Manager OPC server/client applications). Put all together the SMT client and services allow the user to setup, monitor and control redundant systems on multiple remote servers in a generic fashion.

Why use Atmos SMT?

Using Atmos SMT offers the following benefits:

  • Complete monitoring of remote Atmos systems
  • Ensures that all Atmos systems are working as should be
  • Reduces time spent by pipeline operators allowing them to continue with their daily duties
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