The challenge

Multiphase flow most commonly occurs as two-phase (oil & water, oil & gas, water & gas) however, sometimes as three (gas, oil & water) or four phase (gas, oil, water & sand). This means there are a wide variety of fluid combinations possible for transported products.

Having a mixture of fluids in a pipeline can cause a number of challenges due to the individual characteristics of each product. Reactions between the fluids can cause corrosion of the pipeline which can lead to leaks and ruptures. These could potentially go unnoticed if occurring in a subsea pipeline, where it is not possible to install meters.

Multiphase pipelines are likely to need regular ‘pigging’ in order to remove the build-up of wax and liquid slugs. Pigs need to be tracked so operators can follow their progress as they travel through the pipeline and know their estimated time of arrival at receiving stations.

How Atmos International can help

Atmos has software installations on a number of multiphase pipelines across the world. Our experienced engineers have a range of disciplines and backgrounds so bring expertise and most recent technological developments in multi-phase pipelines to each client’s project.