“All of us are extremely satisfied with the results of the model and especially the customer service and technical support provided by Atmos. Atmos SIM will be a valuable asset in any hydraulic modelling or leak detection projects that G2 will work on in future.”

G2 Partners LLC worked with Atmos USA to select a tool for hydraulic studies as part of their portfolio for existing or future customers. Working on behalf of a major pipeline operator in the US, G2 approached three vendors to trial their simulation systems on the operator’s crude oil pipeline.

Atmos SIM was selected over the other software packages for purchase and the company provided Atmos with very positive feedback on the product results, and the quality of service provided by the Atmos staff.

“G2 also explored a few other hydraulic modelling software packages before making a purchase. One vendor had bad customer service so the software was not pursued further.

“The other vendor provided good customer service and tech support, but we found the software extremely confusing and not as user friendly as Atmos SIM.”

“Atmos SIM offers the choice of liquids and gas simulation in the same package. Competing models offer separate packages.”

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