Position: Maintenance Engineer
Experience: 0-3 years
Location: Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica

Position Objective

The Maintenance Engineer (ME) goes beyond to provide excellent customer service and high-quality engineering solutions to a global market; working with a senior engineer to develop, test, and implement solutions for all our products and services and meeting the contractual requirements.

The ME is professional, attentive, proactive, organized, and flexible; helping to build/maintain an excellent relationship with the client, pushing the client and themselves to improve each year, gathering metrics and developing KPIs for each client/product, testing, analyzing, reporting, training (internal/external).

The ME engages the client and works effectively to provide solutions for requests or issues, focusing on correcting the root cause, minimizing risk, and maintaining high reliability. The ME prioritizes and manages their own effort to meet the deadlines and requests of the clients. The ME always arrives to an acceptable solution and ensures its successful implementation.

The ME ensures the quality standards are implemented every time and looks for opportunities to improve the quality processes, products, services, department, and company with each solution. The ME actively shares knowledge and experience throughout the company to help others, develop improvements, and maintain the quality standards. The ME is flexible to the business needs and strives to help the company and department meet their goals.

Job activities:

  • Regular contact with the client to maintain customer satisfaction and to engage them; providing the best possible customer service, identifying possible issues, solving current issues and delivering the contract scope
  • Be flexible to the customer and business needs
  • Preview confidential data to develop solutions for Atmos products and services
  • Prepare analysis, reports, training and other documentation for internal/external use
  • Prepare and review of standard engineering documents (FAT, SAT, OMM, etc.)
  • Develop, participate, conduct and review quality audits
  • Develop and maintain global best practices and quality standards
  • Provide constructive feedback and suggestions to the team and company
  • Consistently provide ideas to improve the products, services, and processes or develop new ones
  • Work with R&D to develop and test solutions
  • Site visits and remote support


  • Licenciatura degree in Electrical, Electronic, Electromechanical, Mechanical, Chemical or Civil Engineering
  • Analytical and excellent problem-solving skills
  • Familiar with computer networking, DCOM, OPC, and VB.NET, C# or C++
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English and Spanish
  • It is not necessary but an advantage if you have experience in pipeline/process simulation, hydraulic analysis, pipeline engineering or instrumentation/control systems
  • 100% Fluency in English