What is Atmos Tightness Monitor?

Hydrant leaks can have serious consequences such as fuel contamination, damage to people, property, and the environment, and lost revenue. A sensitive leak detection system is needed to rigorously test these hydrants in accordance with best engineering practices in the shortest time possible, to minimize disruption of flight operations in both commercial and military airports.

Atmos Tightness Monitor is a statistical tightness monitoring system used to test for leaks in airport hydrants. It uses sequential probability ratio test (SPRT) to detect changes in the overall pressure. SPRT analyzes the pressure variation over a high pressure and then a lower pressure to confirm the tightness of a test section. The system does not require temperature sensors for leak confirmation. Wave Gen acquisition units provide leak location.

Compliant with EI 1540, EI 1560, JIG2, and JIG4.

Why use Atmos Tightness Monitor?

Using Atmos Tightness Monitor offers the following benefits:

  • Compliant with 0.04 l/hr/m³ minimum detectable leak size standards set in EI1540, EI1560, and JIG 2
  • Ability to handle passing valves
  • Tightness test complete in 45 minutes
  • Utilizes existing pressure sensors
  • Pressure Step Method negates the effects of temperature change for increased reliability
  • Optional use of Pressure Decay method
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Product brochure

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