Hardware that supports leak and theft detection solutions for all pipelines

The Atmos Pipeline Guardian range of devices and accessories focuses on high resolution and high-speed data acquisition, low power usage including battery options, remote wireless communication, offline logging, various form factors including panel and pipeline-mounted, and both cloud and Edge processing capabilities.

Our range of Atmos Pipeline Guardian hardware is complemented by our field proven software solutions to assure the best technology or combination of technologies are used to optimize sensitivity, detection speed, reliability and accuracy in all operating conditions, regardless of the specific pipeline where the system is applied. Including Atmos Pipe, Atmos Wave and Atmos Wave Flow.

Atmos AWAS units

A range of three channel, high-speed, high-resolution, pressure data acquisition units for sampling data faster for your leak and theft detection analysis

Key Features: Stores up to 4.5 hours of data, built in network redundancy, GPS time stamped data, 480 Hz data acquisition rate

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Atmos JSP

Atmos JSP facilitates easy-retrofit, low-cost, corrected-volume balance and/or rarefaction wave leak detection on any pipeline

Key Features: 24 VDC voltage, operating temperature -40C to +65C, ATEX/IECEx: Zone 1 Gas IIC, T6, dimensions and weight built to project specification

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Atmos Eclipse

Integrating non-intrusive flow, pressure and temperature and communications to provide sensitive, real-time, pipeline leak and theft detection anywhere it is needed

Key Features: 60 Hz data acquisition rate, 90-250 Volts AC line, solar power, 24 Volts DC, ATEX certified, can be buried to a depth of 2 M

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Atmos Odin

An easy-to-use, battery powered, data acquisition unit, designed to provide leak and theft detection on pipelines in remote areas without power or communications

Key Features: Certified for Zone 1, Ex d, ATEX and IECEx, battery powered, high resolution, high bandwidth pressure transmitter included

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Atmos Odin SD

Atmos Odin SD is ideal for conducting sensitivity studies, leak trials, theft analysis and leak detection and routine assessment of pipeline’s condition

Key Features: 3.6 VDC integrated, replaceable battery, 60 Hz data acquisition, removable SD card storage, onboard GPS

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Atmos Black Box

Monitoring, recording and storing pipeline data until a time when it is needed for the investigation of pipeline events such as leaks, thefts and lost or stuck pigs

Key Features: 60 Hz data acquisition, 4.20 mA connection for a total of two sensors, SD card stores data typically for a six month period, data viewer available

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Atmos Sentinel

Atmos Sentinel is ideal for applications such as subterranean valve pits, cross country valve stations and remote locations

Key Features: 3.6 VDC integrated battery, solar power options, 60 Hz data acquisition rate, cellular and radio link options

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Atmos Remote Monitor

Battery powered data logger and leak detection solution measuring pressure and flow in remote locations. Easy to retrofit and cost effective

Key Features: Battery powered, onboard wave signal processing, radio link comms, processes pressure at high speeds, explosion proof

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