A safe, reliable and consistent fuel supply is vital to keep airports running and planes on time. In the event of a hydrant leak, there can be significant consequences, including risks to people, property and the environment. Additionally, there may be financial implications associated with such incidents.

To ensure effective monitoring of aviation fuel hydrants, a sensitive leak detection system is needed to thoroughly test airport hydrants in accordance with best engineering practices in the shortest time possible, to minimize the disruption of flight operations in both commercial and military airports.

Atmos International’s tightness monitoring solutions offer the fastest testing times in the industry with unrivaled support in the form of Atmos Aviation Care.

Atmos Portable Tightness Monitor (APTM)

Portable tightness monitoring solution for single or multiple segments of aviation fuel hydrant systems reducing costly leak detection specific infrastructure

Key Features: 15 minutes test cycle, compliant with EI1540, EI1560, JIG2, JIG4 & US EPA requirements, field-proven pressure-step method

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Atmos Leak Trial Manifold

Leak trial manifold capable of accurate, low-flow measurement in hazardous areas to verify a tightness monitoring system on an airport fuel hydrant system

Key Features: Covers segments up to 5000 m3 at 0.02l/h/m3 minimum detectable leak rate, ATEX / IECEx approved flow meter

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Atmos Pit Sentry

A safe and cost efficient technology for digitizing pit valve integrity tests, improving safety and reducing manual monthly testing requirements

Key Features: Intrinsically safe, comms via low powered Bluetooth, Cloud communications, GPS functionality, battery operated

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