Atmos AWAS units

A range of three channel, high-speed, high-resolution, pressure data acquisition units that sample data faster for your leak and theft detection analysis

AWAS 3 Thmb


AWAS 3 can connect to sensors via RS485 and can be USB powered in data loggers. Also can read in Modbus values via RS232 as a master device on a loop

A compact unit that facilitates rapid pressure data sampling to assure very accurate leak location. Propitiatory algorithms in this device reduce signal noise to optimize the detection of the tiny pressure drops caused by very small leaks. Onboard data storage saves pressure data during a communications failure to ensure that no leak is missed.


AWAS 4 Thmb


AWAS 4 connects via external ultrasonic transducers and temperatures sensors directly to the unit 

A data acquisition unit that rapidly samples data from 4-20mA instrumentation and ultrasonic transducers. Signal noise reduction algorithms optimize the sensitivity of data collected. This robust unit has 4.5 hours of data storage and built-in network redundancy to maximize data collection.

AWAS 6 Thmb


AWAS 6 is easy to wire and low maintenance

Filters signal noise before passing the data to a central processor for analysis by the Atmos Wave rarefaction wave leak detection system. AWAS 6 stores up to 4.5 hours of data and has built-in network redundancy to maximize system uptime with no data loss during a communication outage.

AWAS 64G Thmb


Built in 4G capability enabling data communications for leak detection analysis

A high speed data logger that connects into existing current loops with a low voltage drop. Takes analogue signal and digitizes it as at high frequency to provide GPS time stamped data.

AWAS 7 Thmb


AWAS 7 is low power and ideal for use with solar power or offshore eg on rigs and buoys

This data acquisition unit samples pressure data at high speed. It's USB powered and has multiple communication options which allow for easy integration with external PLCs, power controllers and third-party instrumentation.