Posted Jun 6, 2018 

photo of Atmos Operations and Maintenance Manager, Brandon Musick

Role: Operations and Maintenance Manager
Time at Atmos: 10 years
Location: Santa Ana, Costa Rica


Brandon joined the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), a US military program to prepare Officers while earning a college degree. He later began Computer Engineering at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, but then decided to change to Electrical Engineering at Arkansas University where he obtained his degree.

Before going to university, Brandon took a gap year to work with an oil service company.  It was hard work and sometimes dangerous. After his graduation, he moved to California and found Atmos.

After working several years as a project engineer in Anaheim, Brandon went to Costa Rica to train the engineering team in Costa Rica. The month-long assignment extended into three years, and Brandon decided to stay in the tropical location as operations manager. He remembers when Atmos used to rent an office in a six-apartment building outside San Jose, Costa Rica. 

The  CostaRica’s team expanded continuously and now occupies a floor in a modern office tower in Santa Ana.

Day in life

It was difficult for Brandon to describe a normal day, as every day is different. He always tries to be on the top of things, making sure all the customers are happy with the quality and efficiency of our work. Brandon is continuously looking for ways to help the engineering team to work faster and easier, “so they can analyze more and report less”, he said.

Main goal

Brandon describes the maintenance team main goal as “increasing the reliability of the leak detection systems that we maintain, increasing sensitivity when possible, and finding solutions for the client”, doing everything possible to push the company and his team forwards.

Best about Atmos

The job changes every day. It is problem-solving on numerous levels, and that is what makes the job challenging. He deals with issues at different stages, from clients to personnel problems within the team, his job is about improving things.

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By: Atmos International
Date: 17 April 2019