It’s World Book Day 2023

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Research shows that there are multiple benefits that can be experienced by reading regularly, such as a more varied vocabulary, increase in intelligence, memory function and a boost of creativity.1 But while there is increasing evidence about the power of reading, it’s been reported that only 19% of UK adults are reading daily.2

At Atmos, our authors have published a range of books on pipeline solutions, from leak and theft detection to pipeline simulation:

Here, we provide a breakdown of each book and where you can learn more.

"The Atmos book of pipeline simulation"

Moe Metwally and Dr Jason Modisette

The Atmos book of pipeline simulation front cover

The Atmos book of pipeline simulation was written to empower readers to understand pipeline simulation technology and eventually have the ability to perform today’s modern pipeline experiments such as setting up an appropriate model and simulating countless operating scenarios.

Written by in-house engineers, the book covers a range of topics related to pipeline simulation, including online and offline models, rapid transients and surge analysis, look-aheads and optimizers.

Jason Modisette, Chief Simulation Scientist and co-author of the book, said:

“The world is going to need pipeline simulation software for a long time to come. This is the book I wish I’d had when I started in the field, it covers how oil and gas pipelines work in practice with pipeline simulators.”

You can read the chapter breakdown, starting at chapter one, here

You can order “The Atmos book of pipeline simulation” on Amazon.

“Appendices to the Atmos book of pipeline simulation”

Moe Metwally and Dr Jason Modisette

Appendices to the Atmos book of pipeline simulation front cover

Pipelines have remained a preferred mode of fuel transportation since the dawn of civilization. These appendices to the Atmos book of pipeline simulation take a broader look at fluids, pipes and pipelines from ancient history through to their study in modern physics today.

Included in the appendices are a history of pipeline hydraulics, a breakdown of the energy transition and the crucial role hydrogen will play, a discussion of primers on pipelines and more.

You can order the “Appendices to the Atmos book of pipeline simulation” on Amazon.

“Global pipeline thefts” ebook

Global pipeline thefts ebook opened up

Authored collectively by our theft detection experts at Atmos, this ebook was produced as a reminder that fuel theft continues to be a global issue and that motivations behind pipeline theft can also differ between regions.

From fuel smuggling in the Middle East to poverty and inequality in Latin America, the “Global pipeline thefts” ebook focuses in on region-specific theft challenges, their causes and how progress is being made with new technology and initiatives.

You can read the “Global pipeline thefts” ebook for free on our website. Download it here.

"Introduction to pipeline leak detection"

Dr Jun Zhang and Michael Twomey

Introduction to pipeline leak detection front cover

As pipeline infrastructure ages and more hazardous products are transported, too many leak detection systems have failed to detect these leaks and reduce their impacts, which has resulted in small spills becoming disastrous events.3

The “Introduction to pipeline leak detection” book emphasizes why there needs to be a companywide leak detection understanding - from the top ranks to field operators - if the effects of a leak are to be reduced.

Dr. Jun Zhang and Michael Twomey provide a breakdown of the key leak detection technologies, covering internal and external leak detection systems, negative pressure wave, real time transient models, rupture detection and more.

For a book about leak detection on gas and liquid pipelines written in simple and concise language, the “Introduction to pipeline leak detection” is available to buy on Amazon.

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