Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your support in 2016. I hope you have started this year well with new initiatives and successes. It is a pleasure for me to share with you some of our aspirations for 2017.

Pipeline leak events of the past several years have demonstrated the need for fast and highly reliable pipeline rupture detection and extremely sensitive secondary leak detection in high consequence areas (HCA). Atmos will continue to meet this need with Atmos Rupture Detector and the Guardian line of software and hardware. Pipeline Guardian allows the turnkey installation of HCA leak detection that has detected leaks as small as 0.2% of nominal pipeline flow-rate, even in areas that lack power or telecommunications.

The TheftNet service is now expanded from Europe to Latin America and the Middle East.

The inclusion of additional tuning tools and automatic collection of Key Performance Indicators to align the leak detection software with API Recommended Practice 1175 has improved the reliability of systems and laid the groundwork for continuous improvements of systems that Atmos maintains together with customers around the world.

Atmos SIM, our flagship simulation software continues to evolve, exceeding customer expectations as the first offline/online model with unique end-user license management, and tools such as Tuning Assistant, Surge Analysis, and multi-format import for rapid model building.

Atmos Tightness Monitor has captured the interest of the airport industry with delivery of the first ever truly portable leak testing solution for airport hydrants in all corners of the world.

Most important of all and true to our commitment to protect the environment and the world we live in, Atmos systems detected over 10 real pipeline leaks and ruptures in 2016 and located and halted 12 product thefts from pipelines around the world.

We will continue to roll out exciting new hardware and software this year to continue the drive to our ultimate goal to quickly detect every hazardous drop that spills. We thank you for trusting us to serve you and look forward to close collaborations with you - our valued clients, for another great year.

Categories: Company news

By: Atmos International
Date: 11 April 2019