Emergency responders and Kinder Morgan officials were out in force near the Merritt Airport, conducting an emergency exercise.

Kinder Morgan's Senior Director of Marine Operations, Michael Davies, explains what was being simulated.

"The scenario is a simulated spill from the pipeline, near where the Merritt Airport is, where the pipeline goes by. The oil is assumed to travel over land and then get into the Nicola River," explained Davies, who added, "what will be deployed in the field as part of this exercise (are) containment booms and recovery equipment to practice the techniques for recovering the oil."

Davies says local residents were able to see crews work, but weren't in the way of any public movement. "There aren't any real special instructions It's simulation of a spill, so there is no actual oil, or anything else in the river. What we are doing is practicing deploying equipment, and the activity will be around the Lions Park and N'Kwala Park."

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Categories: Industry update

By: Atmos International
Date: 12 April 2019