The Atmos Pipe leak detection system has already detected a pipeline rupture in North America in 2017. The system detected and alarmed the rupture in less than 2 minutes, and provided an accurate rupture location estimate. This is the latest of several real leaks and thefts reported by Atmos systems in the last six months. Over the last couple of years Atmos systems have detected more leaks than the systems of any competitor, convincing proof that choosing the correct system makes all the difference.

In Alberta, the Atmos system detected a leak within 4 minutes at 03:00 local time on Friday 22 July 2016. The pipeline operators trusted the leak detection system so much that they shut down the pipeline immediately. The spillage was contained to only 126 Bbls within an oil sands facility north of Fort McMurray.

Elsewhere in the world, Atmos systems have detected more than 10 real leaks in 2016, these detected leaks include two ruptures. In addition, the implementation of theft detection systems, and effective investigation procedures have helped several pipeline companies detect and locate illegal tapping points. In the UK alone, the installation of Atmos theft detection systems has helped reduce the number of thefts by 76% from 17 in 2015, to 4 in 2016. This reduction is helping our clients mitigate the risk and consequences of thefts and leaks significantly

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By: Atmos International
Date: 15 April 2019