Best engineering practices recommend that pipeline leak detection systems are tested regularly. While a real product withdrawal test is preferable, this is not always practical for safety reasons. When a product withdrawal is not possible a leak detection system can be tested with data simulated in a model, or by altering the flow or pressure data to simulate a leak.

API 1175 states that leak detection systems should be tested when implemented and on a regular basis. This should not exceed a period of 5 years. Or should be prompted when there has been a significant change in the pipeline operation or a physical change in the pipeline configuration. The testing process should include the requirements of LDS testing, as outlined in API 1130. The requirements of API 1130 should be tailored to accommodate the unique aspects of the LDS and the specific assets on which the LDS is implemented.

The test plan should document the purpose of the test, the methods that will be employed, and the procedures that will be followed. LDS tests should be rigorous, as well as planned and executed using sound engineering and technical judgment.

Categories: Pipeline leak detection

By: Atmos International
Date: 15 April 2019