Posted Jan 9, 2018

The pipeline operator has reported that third-party excavation equipment is responsible for a 500-barrel gasoline leak in Eagan that occurred on a 12-inch pipeline that transports petroleum products from Rosemount to Minneapolis. The company stated in a release that the leak occurred around 1 p.m near the Lifetime Fitness club.  No injuries were reported.

The Eagan Police Department tweeted that the leak presents no significant threat to the public and is more of environmental concern. An early tweet had stated that authorities were responding to a gasoline leak near the Lifetime Fitness club and asked people to avoid the area during the response. A second tweet said the pipeline had been shut down, but that the area would remain closed until it was deemed safe.

"We had a pretty good flow of gasoline coming down the parking lot, into the street, into the stormwater system," Eagan Fire Chief Mike Scott said. "Which is not something I've ever seen before in my 37-year career. We're just trying to make sure no one gets sick from the smell."

This leak is another example that even safest operator with well-maintained pipelines is still at risk from third parties and a fast, sensitive and reliable leak detection system and/or a rupture detection system are the best way to minimize the consequence of these events.

Source: ABC Eyewitness News

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By: Atmos International
Date: 17 April 2019