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(UPDATE) The live webinar was presented by Harry Smith, our Sales and Senior Research Engineer, on Wednesday July 6, 2022. You can find the links to the recording to the side and below. Please note that this webinar was delivered in English.

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It is estimated that $133 billion worth of crude oil and refined products are stolen each year┬╣.

Although pipeline theft has always been a global problem, there are regions that are more heavily impacted than others such as Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America┬▓. As a multidimensional issue, addressing theft is complex. The causes can be far reaching and span social, economic, political and legal factors.

Sophisticated evolutions in illegal tapping operations have led to the global pipeline community needing to improve their abilities to detect and locate theft activities using advanced theft detection systems.

This webinar discussed the key challenges in specific parts of the world in addressing pipeline theft activities and reviewed the progress made in theft detection and the multi-layered strategies pipeline operators can use.



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Event Dates: 06 July 2022 - 06 July 2022

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