Atmos Theft Net: the human element of pipeline theft detection

Pipeline theft remains a global problem, with impacts that vary depending on region. While hardware and software are a vital part of a leading theft detection system, the human factor has long been a part of curbing pipeline thefts, with many of Atmos’ solutions demonstrating the power of real people.

In the latest issue of EIC’s Inside Energy, Sales and Senior Engineer Harry Smith discusses the following areas of the human element of pipeline theft detection:

  • A loss of fuel, life and order: the current state of global pipeline theft
  • The hardware and software behind a leading theft detection system
  • What happens when the human element takes center stage?
  • Atmos Theft Net: the power of real people
  • How SCADA systems miss most pipeline theft events
  • How the human element overcomes global pipeline thefts
  • Why the continuous improvement of theft detection will always need the human element

Read the full feature in this issue of Inside Energy. Click the image below to read.

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