Atmos International (Atmos) has created a unique regulation program compliance service for its customers. Led by Carin Meyer, regulation compliance specialist, the service will provide dedicated support for customers wishing to achieve full API 1130 compliance in leak detection systems.

Operators of hazardous liquids pipelines are usually aware that they need a leak detection system compliant with API 1130.  If a pipeline operator uses a Computational Pipeline Monitoring (CPM) system this is true and most leak detection systems currently installed or sold in the USA or Canada are CPMs including all of those currently sold by Atmos.

To demonstrate compliance, operators must prepare a compliance statement defining how their leak detection system is compliant with specific clauses covering all the following areas:

  • Instrumentation
  • Maintenance
  • Control room procedures
  • Alarm management
  • Testing
  • Leak detection system software

Due to the breadth of areas covered by the recommended practices (RP) leak detection systems do not automatically come with an API 1130 compliance statement or certificate. To support its customers who are responsible for demonstrating compliance, which includes significant documentation and declaration of processes, Atmos will provide comprehensive consultancy for the following programs:

  • API 1130
  • API 1165
  • API 1167
  • API 1168
  • API 1175
  • CSA Z662 Annex E

Vice President of Business Development for Atmos, Adrian Kane comments: “For over 25 years Atmos International’s primary focus has been to detect pipeline leaks reliably. As a result, we have gained significant experience and knowledge on industry regulations.

“Our in-house Regulation Compliance Service supports customers in understanding and achieving compliance.”

Carin Meyer, Regulation Compliance Program Specialist for Atmos International, adds: “We know that no two pipelines or operating systems are the same, that’s why we offer a bespoke approach to our compliance program My colleagues and I have significant experience gained within the field as well as working for operators, we understand the challenges they face. Our aim is to help remove the headaches our customers may face while looking to achieve compliance.”

The program offers:

  • Gap analysis
  • Compliance statements
  • Necessary procedures
  • Testing programs
  • Training
  • Rescue programs to support pending audits

More information about the compliance program can be sourced via:

Notes for editors

For further information please contact:

Adrian Kane, Vice President, Business Development (North America), 

tel. +44 161 445 8080

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