Posted: 30 Jun 2017

The operation of the Atmos Portable Tightness Monitor (APTM) was demonstrated recently to a team of aviation fuel technical experts in the United States. The successful test was conducted on a segment of 16-inch diameter pipeline that is approximately 5,000 feet in length with a typical operating pressure around 50 psig. The pipeline segment that was tested delivers jet fuel to a major airport fuel storage facility in the United States. The APTM orientation and demonstration was conducted by Mr. Peter Lorinc, Atmos Global Aviation Field Engineer, and coordinated by Mr. Andrew Grant, Managing Director of Jet-A Inc, Atmos’ Aviation Representative for the United States and Canada. The technical team witnessing the recent test were impressed with the simplicity and accuracy of the APTM and have expressed a keen interest to schedule additional APTM tests in the near future.