Posted: 12 Jul, 2013

The National Workgroup on Leak Detection Evaluation (NWGLDE) has reviewed Atmos Tightness Monitor, the statistical system for airport hydrants, and certified it to EPA regulatory performance standards. You can find the listing on their website here. The system was formally known as Atmos STMS.

This ultramodern hydrant leak detection system, already deployed for years in airports outside the USA, is a product of Atmos, the company with the most pipeline leak detection systems deployed and operating worldwide. The system is designed for use on large underground bulk pipelines such as airport hydrant fuelling systems and is applicable to any size of underground pressurized piping, typically between 2,000 and 300,000 gallons.

The system is certified to a leak rate of 0.0019% of pipeline volume (0.000019 gph per gallon of product) at a defined pressure of 150 psi – a super sensitive leak detection system under shut-in condition.