Posted: 05 Jul, 2017

As part of President Donald Trump’s on-going plans to promote US energy, last Thursday the NuStar Energy LP New Burgos Pipeline was approved. President Trump signed two presidential pipeline permits for NuStar Energy, based in San Antonio, Texas.

The first permit allows NuStar to expand the range of products transported in the Dos Laredos Pipeline, which runs from Webb County to Mexico (10 miles long, 8” in diameter). This pipeline currently carries 32,000 bpd of liquified petroleum gas, but the permit would allow for diesel fuel and other refined products into Mexico.

The second permit allows for a second pipeline to be constructed next to the existing Burgos Pipeline, which carries 64,000 bpd of product. The proposed pipeline would be 34 miles long 10” in diameter, with a capacity of 108,000 bpd for delivering liquid petroleum gas, natural gas liquids, and refined products to PEMEX’s Burgos Gas Plant near Reynosa, Mexico. The proposed pipeline route would cross approximately 30 feet below the Rio Grande River’s bottom, according to filings with the Department of State.

“My administration has just approved the construction of a new petroleum pipeline to Mexico, which will further boost American energy exports”, Trump said during an ‘Energy Week’ event in Washington.

“Every piece of infrastructure helps,” said Robert Campbell, head of oil-products research for Energy Aspects Ltd in New York. “This only goes just across the river into Mexico.” NuStar spokesman Chris Cho said the company’s CEO Brad Barron attended the Thursday ceremony along with other industry leaders.