What is Atmos SIM leak detection?

Atmos SIM leak detection module continuously calculates the volume balance. This volume balance is obtained by calculating the total flow into the system minus the total flow out of the system corrected by the inventory changes calculated by Atmos SIM. The volume balance is statistically analyzed by the sequential probability ratio test (SPRT), which calculates the ratio of leak probability over no-leak probability. This ratio is then tested against certain threshold values to provide leak warnings/alarms.

Atmos SIM also monitors the discrepancies between measured and calculated pressures and flows. These discrepancies are processed by the sequential probability ratio test to generate reliable leak alarms.

Why use Atmos SIM Leak Detection?

Using Atmos SIM Leak Detection offers the following benefits:

  • Increased stability of the leak detection system by removing the effects of instrument errors
  • Increased sensitivity through learning long term instrumentation offsets
  • Reduced false alarms through SPRT algorithm
  • Consistency through using the same application across all pipelines
  • No need to increase leaks size threshold during transient operations
  • Saves time through reduced errors
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