What is Atmos SIM Online?

Atmos SIM Online models the pipeline using real-time data from DCS and SCADA systems. It allows the operators to monitor areas where it is limited or no instrumentation, such as at mixing points or subsea.

Forecasting modules allow the operators to view the forecasted behaviour in the pipeline and assess the safety of the schedule. ‘Look-ahead modelling’ shows what will happen if the pipeline continues to operate in its current state. ‘Predictive modelling’ shows the pipeline’s behaviour in a variety of future scenarios that can be configured, saved and used again. Alarms can be configured for a variety of set thresholds to determine if the current schedule is likely to violate safe operating conditions.

Why use Atmos SIM Online?

Using Atmos SIM Online offers the following benefits:

  • Conducts all simulation tasks using one software suite and a single configuration
  • Provides a simulated view of unmetered areas such as subsea networks
  • Forecasts the behaviour of future activities in the pipeline
  • Increases revenue for the company using effective look-ahead simulations
  • EC 715/2009 compliance
  • High model accuracy
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Product brochure

Download the product brochure to find out more about Atmos SIM Online’s features and benefits