What is Atmos Surge Analysis?

Being able to predict operational conditions within a pipeline is difficult and being able to identify surges that could cause potential problems or bursts is even harder. Some authorities, for example, the US Department of Transport (DOT), require pipeline operators to have up to date surge analysis studies completed and filed for all of their pipelines. For many operators, this is a very demanding and time consuming task due to the many thousands of miles of pipelines to be analyzed.

Atmos Surge Analysis is an additional module available as a bolt-on to Atmos SIM Offline. The Surge Analysis module has been purpose built to simplify and automate the process of submitting a detailed report to the relevant authorities. The single-minded focus behind its development has led to the ultimate tool for surge analysis.

It works by scheduling the running of a series of scenarios such as valve closures and pump trips. The schedule is then run and the data for each scenario analyzed for pass and failure criteria. This data is then automatically entered into a report, where the data is displayed graphically in trends, pipeline maximum pressure points are located, and pump trip times are identified.

Why use Atmos Surge Analysis?

Using Atmos Surge Analysis offers the following benefits:

  • Leak prevention: identifies the pipeline locations where an operation is most likely to cause a rupture
  • Uses the same configurations as Atmos SIM Offline. No additional models are required
  • Saves valuable time for the pipeline operators through the automation of the process
  • Automatically generates a report containing all of the precise data and graphs required for DOT submission
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Product brochure

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