What is Atmos Trainer?

US federal regulations require pipeline companies to demonstrate that pipeline operators are adequately trained to recognize and react to abnormal operating conditions. Government regulators around the world have followed this lead. API 1168 (Pipeline Control Room Management) and API 1175 (Pipeline Leak Detection Program Management) expect a record of pipeline operator training and a plan for continuous performance improvement.

However, it is difficult to expose operators to abnormal operating conditions, such as a leak situation, when only training on a real pipeline system. 

Atmos Trainer combines the Atmos SIM hydraulic simulator with a SCADA user interface and a sophisticated operator scoring and qualification module to generate a fully integrated, high-fidelity gas or liquid pipeline training environment for the operator.

These hydraulic simulators mimic the pipeline control system allowing a pipeline operator to control a virtual pipeline during normal and abnormal operating conditions. The experience is as realistic as operating a real pipeline.

Why use Atmos Trainer?

Using Atmos Trainer offers the following benefits:

  • Improves confidence in pipeline operators
  • Reduces risk to real pipelines by using a lifelike replication of normal and abnormal operating conditions
  • A safe environment to understand a pipeline’s behaviours and consequences of actions taken
  • Improved performance in individuals through better and more interactive training programs
  • Configurable with any SCADA/HMI
  • Documented evidence of training sessions, performance and training history
  • Supports API industry guidance
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Product brochure

Download the product brochure to find out more about Atmos Trainer’s features and benefits