What is Atmos Wave?

Atmos Wave detects the negative pressure wave (NPW) caused by a leak in a pipeline. When a leak occurs, a negative pressure wave travels in both directions along a pipeline. Using fast response pressure meters, Atmos Wave filters the pressure signals to find those with the frequency and magnitude of a leak. The time at which the pressure signal reaches each pressure meter is used to determine the location of the leak extremely accurately.

Why use Atmos Wave?

Technological advances in communication and instrumentation make this fast and accurate leak detection system very robust and reliable. It is a great leak detection solution for pipelines that lack flow meters and has an outstanding track record in detecting and locating product theft all around the world.

Using Atmos Wave offers the following benefits:

  • Detects when thieves open or close the theft valve on an illegal tapping point
  • Accurately locates the theft or leak
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Detects leaks during steady-state, transient and shut-in conditions
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Product brochure

Download the product brochure to find out more about Atmos Wave's features and benefits