Key pipeline leak detection and theft detection updates

Building on the success of Q1, we’ve kicked off the second quarter of 2023 with a higher number of leaks and thefts detected.

Paired with an impressive presence at eight global events, two of which were hosted by Atmos, we continue to demonstrate our global presence as a leading pipeline leak detection, theft detection and simulation software provider.

Quarterly achievements

  • 12 thefts detected
  • Four leaks detected
  • Five Site Acceptance Tests (SATs) completed
  • Eight Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) completed
  • Seven training sessions delivered
  • Nine events

Below is a selection of success stories from a busy quarter at Atmos, from leak and theft detection to our global events and high ranking positions in the Q2 2023 Best Companies league tables.

Raising leak alarms when it counts

Latin America

A failed pipeline theft attempt on a slurry pipeline in Chile resulted in a leak which our system was able to detect for the customer. The poor quality of the tapping point on the pipeline caused a leak to slowly develop, which was still alarmed by our leak detection system.

In Colombia, a customer was impressed with the performance of our hardware and software when the pipeline operator shut down the pipeline quickly after the leak detection system reported a leak during a maintenance operation.


Atmos engineers reviewing offline data from Atmos Theft Net were able to confirm a station leak on a customer’s network in Africa, enabling them to restore control to the pipeline quickly.


On a pipeline transporting crude oil in the US, a static leak was detected after a seal on the pig trap started leaking. Mist in the air was reported near the trap.

The lambda rise to alarm a leak on a US customer’s pipeline

In addition to detecting actual leaks, we’ve successfully completed over 30 simulated leak tests for our customers across the world in Q2, proving our leak detection hardware and software is leading the way with the accuracy, sensitivity and fast paced requirements of the pipeline industry.

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Helping pipeline companies locate tapping points, from the UK to Colombia


After Atmos Wave alarmed and provided an accurate location estimate, a UK customer discovered the tapping point on its pipeline (Figure 2). As is common in pipeline theft, the criminals returned to the tapping point again when the pipeline was in shut-in conditions, but the theft detection system’s shut-in module alarmed.

This style of pipeline theft is known as the “try and remain hidden” approach, which is characterized by the opening and closing of valves slowly for small pressure changes, carrying out theft at night, stealing smaller amount over longer periods.

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 The tapping point discovered on a UK customer’s pipeline

Figure 2: The tapping point discovered on a UK customer’s pipeline

Latin America


Following a series of thefts over a period of a few days, a customer in Colombia was able to locate the illegal tapping point to within meters of the leak location provided by Atmos Pipe.

Since Atmos Pipe was released as the first statistical volume balance system in 1995, the software solution has been at the forefront of leak detection optimization through its use of the sequential probability ratio test. Atmos Pipe used the Kullback-Leibler method to detect the pipeline theft for this customer.

The theft reported by Atmos Pipe

Figure 3: The theft reported by Atmos Pipe

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At home and away: a quarter of visibility as the leading pipeline technology company

A busy quarter of events across the globe

Atmos’ subject matter experts have attended nine events this quarter across five countries, which include exhibiting at:

Over the quarter, nine speaking slots were delivered by our in-house experts on topics ranging from how smart pit valves can ensure hydrant valve integrity checks are performed regularly and efficiently to the use of simulation tools to support the transition to hydrogen.

Events Technical papers

A positive reception for Atmos hosted events

The second quarter has also seen two Atmos hosted events take place.

In May we hosted a two-day training session in Mexico on leak detection, theft detection and pipeline simulation. The event hit capacity as companies from a range of industries attended to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the hydrocarbon transportation sector in Mexico.

Our 2023 User Conference took place in June which also saw a range of pipeline companies from multiple countries attend the event in Manchester. Attendees heard over 16 presentations from Atmos colleagues on topics including Atmos SIM development updates, progress and challenges in pipeline theft detection, gas pipeline optimization using machine learning and more.

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Awarded in the UK as one of the “Best Companies”

In the UK, Atmos has made three Best Companies lists for Q2 of 2023: one of the top 50 mid-sized companies, top 50 Northwest companies and top 25 technology companies to work for in the UK.

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Atmos International was originally founded in 1995 with a primary focus to detect pipeline leaks reliably on operational pipelines. Nothing has changed except advances in our technologies which continues to grow and adapt to the changes within the oil, gas, chemical, water, aviation and mining industries.