How machine learning (ML) is optimizing gas pipeline operations

The availability of cloud computing has made it feasible to run complex pipeline simulations quickly, which has allowed machine learning to be introduced to gas transmission and distribution networks, but can machine learning overcome the challenges of a gas pipeline operation?

Find out in our blog written by Bob Truman, our Business Development Director for Atmos Intelligent Optimizer.

The first statistical corrected volume balance system

Since 1995 Atmos International has been shaping pipeline leak detection technology with the invention of the first statistical corrected volume balance system, Atmos Pipe. Watch the video to find out more

The Atmos book of pipeline simulation

Written by expert engineers from Atmos International (Atmos), this book provides a unique and in-depth insight into pipeline simulation technology, with specific examples demonstrated using Atmos Simulation (SIM) Suite

Global theft trends webinar

Missed the webinar? In the session our expert discussed the key challenges in specific parts of the world, addressing pipeline theft activities and reviewing the progress made in theft detection and the multi-layered strategies pipeline operators can use