Atmos Wave has been a staple in Atmos International's innovative profile of leak detection systems (LDS) for nine years and are implemented on numerous large-scale pipelines. The R&D team at Atmos has been hard at work putting the Wave system into a portable case to showcase at events around the world, with the first being NWG’s Innovation Festival in Newcastle, UK.

The Atmos Wave Demo Unit allows Atmos engineers to create a fully working ‘pipeline system’ using plastic tubing, flow meters, pressure sensors, and valves. They can then introduce a leak at any of the valves to show how the system identifies and locates leaks accurately and reliably using Atmos Wave.

When a leak occurs, a rarefaction wave travels in both directions along a pipeline. Using fast-response pressure meters, Atmos Wave filters the pressure signals to find those with the frequency and magnitude of a leak. The time at which the pressure signal reaches each pressure meter is used to determine the location of the leak with extreme accuracy.

Harry Smith, Sales and Research Engineer at Atmos, says, “Screenshots and videos are good, but being able to demonstrate an introduction of a leak and have our Wave Demo catch it in real-time shows just how good our Atmos Wave leak detection system is.”

Our Atmos engineers are currently demonstrating the Wave Demo Unit at the NWG Innovation Festival. Hosted by Northumbrian Water, the Festival is a truly unique event, taking 13 societal and environmental problems, including water leakage, and applying design thinking techniques to try to solve them in five action-packed days.

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By: Atmos International
Date: 17 April 2019