From offline to online: answering a range of questions with pipeline simulation software

A desktop screen containing Atmos International's CEO & Founder Jun Zhang's article on applying simulation software solutions to Latin American pipeline challengesWith pipeline simulation software being increasingly used during both the design and operational phases of a pipeline’s lifespan, it’s no surprise that a simulation suite can help engineers answer important questions and make informed decisions.

For pipeline networks contending with a range of challenges, the installation of a simulation suite can alleviate pipeline operators’ concerns. In this article* Atmos International’s (Atmos) CEO and Founder Jun Zhang discusses how Atmos SIM can overcome a range of challenges specific to gas and liquid pipelines operating in Latin America such as:

  • Tracking and maintaining product quality to ensure customer deliveries are on-spec
  • Supporting the energy transition
  • Operator training
  • Optimizing pipeline capacity
  • Managing unplanned events such as outages or supply failures